Although all institutes are focusing over the completion of syllabus within the fixed time period, here one big difference we forget that is knowledge Assessment process of student during this tenure. It is a very crucial part of any learning process where most of institutes are lacking behind. We designed our curriculum in a way that we plan assessment test once in a week. We provide daily assignment sheets which helps students to get practices on same day. It is very useful for weekly assessment tests. Cumulative Test are planned in a manner to revise all completed part. We also conduction revision session before our test series to finalize preparation. We conduct CRASH course for our students before NEET/JEE/MHTCET exams. It is an intense revision and testing process in order to get maximum results from students.


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8, 9, 10 Foundation Courses (CBSE/STATE BOARD)
Short time Courses “LAKSHYABHED”

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